Hai semuanya di materi kali ini kita akan membahas tentang docker-compose CLI (Commandline Interface) diantaranya seperti berikut:

  1. Command options overview and help
  2. Specify name and path of one or more Compose files
    1. Specifying a path to a single Compose file
    2. Specifying multiple Compose files
  3. Specify a project name

Ok langsung aja kita ke pembahas yang pertama yaitu

Command options overview and help

You can also see this information by running docker-compose --help from the command line. Outputnya seperti berikut:

docker-compose --help
Define and run multi-container applications with Docker.

  docker-compose [-f <arg>...] [--profile <name>...] [options] [--] [COMMAND] [ARGS...]
  docker-compose -h|--help

  -f, --file FILE             Specify an alternate compose file
                              (default: docker-compose.yml)
  -p, --project-name NAME     Specify an alternate project name
                              (default: directory name)
  --profile NAME              Specify a profile to enable
  -c, --context NAME          Specify a context name
  --verbose                   Show more output
  --log-level LEVEL           Set log level (DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR, CRITICAL)
  --ansi (never|always|auto)  Control when to print ANSI control characters
  --no-ansi                   Do not print ANSI control characters (DEPRECATED)
  -v, --version               Print version and exit
  -H, --host HOST             Daemon socket to connect to

  --tls                       Use TLS; implied by --tlsverify
  --tlscacert CA_PATH         Trust certs signed only by this CA
  --tlscert CLIENT_CERT_PATH  Path to TLS certificate file
  --tlskey TLS_KEY_PATH       Path to TLS key file
  --tlsverify                 Use TLS and verify the remote
  --skip-hostname-check       Don't check the daemon's hostname against the
                              name specified in the client certificate
  --project-directory PATH    Specify an alternate working directory
                              (default: the path of the Compose file)
  --compatibility             If set, Compose will attempt to convert keys
                              in v3 files to their non-Swarm equivalent (DEPRECATED)
  --env-file PATH             Specify an alternate environment file

  build              Build or rebuild services
  config             Validate and view the Compose file
  create             Create services
  down               Stop and remove resources
  events             Receive real time events from containers
  exec               Execute a command in a running container
  help               Get help on a command
  images             List images
  kill               Kill containers
  logs               View output from containers
  pause              Pause services
  port               Print the public port for a port binding
  ps                 List containers
  pull               Pull service images
  push               Push service images
  restart            Restart services
  rm                 Remove stopped containers
  run                Run a one-off command
  scale              Set number of containers for a service
  start              Start services
  stop               Stop services
  top                Display the running processes
  unpause            Unpause services
  up                 Create and start containers
  version            Show version information and quit

You can use Docker Compose binary, docker-compose [-f <arg>...] [options] [COMMAND] [ARGS...], to build and manage multiple services in Docker containers.

Beberapa command yang sering saya gunakan

  1. docker-compose up -d, yaitu jalan semua container dalam file docker-compose.yaml di background (Detached mode)
  2. docker-compose -f example.docker-compose.yaml up, yaitu jalan semua container dalam file example.docker-compose.yaml
  3. docker-compose exec <container-name> <command-exec>, yaitu execute command dalam container <container-name> menggunakan perintah <command-exec>
  4. docker-compose ps, yaitu menampilkan list container yang ada di dalam file docker-compose.yaml
  5. docker-compose down, yaitu digunakan untuk Stop dan remove container serta network
  6. docker-compose stop <container-name>..., yaitu digunakan untuk Stop beberapa service atau container
  7. docker-compose logs -f, yaitu digunakan untuk melihat activity/log pada semua container pada file docker-compose.yaml

Specify name and path of one or more Compose files

Use the -f flag to specify the location of a Compose configuration file.

  1. Specifying a path to a single Compose file, You can use the -f flag to specify a path to a Compose file that is not located in the current directory, either from the command line or by setting up a COMPOSE_FILE environment variable in your shell or in an environment file. Contoh penggunaanya seperti berikut:
  2. Specifying multiple Compose files, You can supply multiple -f configuration files. When you supply multiple files, Compose combines them into a single configuration. Compose builds the configuration in the order you supply the files. Subsequent files override and add to their predecessors. Contoh penggunaanya seperti berikut:

Specify a project name

Each configuration has a project name. If you supply a -p flag, you can specify a project name. If you don’t specify the flag, Compose uses the current directory name.